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Susie Dent is appearing at Ludlow Fringe 2023

30th April 2023
Susie Dent is appearing at Ludlow Fringe 2023

Susie Dent will be with us on the 22nd June (2-3.50 PM). She is the longest-serving member of Countdown, on which she has made more than 5,000 appearances.

In her show at Ludlow Fringe she will take the audience on a journey into the curious, unexpected, and downright surreal origins of the words we use every day. She will retell the adventures that lie hidden within such expressions as ‘stealing someone’s thunder’, and explain such oddities as the silent ‘h’ in ghost and the mysterious disappearance of kempt, gormful, and ruly (and yes, you really can be gruntled). 

There is also a Qs&A session to follow!!!

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