Be entertained by famous and upcoming artists in Ludlow in 2024”


Featured on BBC Midlands Today!

20th April 2023
Featured on BBC Midlands Today!

Ludlow Fringe and Ludlow Piano Festival have just been highlighted on BBC Midlands Today, this week, and our very own Anita Bigsby was interviewed and enthused that the event's reputation is continually growing, she said, "when we first started the festival, our audience was 65% from Ludlow; now its 65% from outside and we attract a national audience as well”.

Alistair McGowan our patron was also interviewed and he talked about how the piano festival came about, which was due in part to performing piano concerts at the Ludlow Fringe Festival, plus his love of Ludlow, where he has lived for the last three years.

The Ludlow Piano Festival starts on the 24th May, and we wish him every success with the new venture which includes Jo Brand and Katie Derham, as well as top classical pianists.

The interview also included Katy Chason who described having the events taking place as “fantastic” for local commerce. As a local business owner she embraces the influx of visitors to the town from the festivals and said that her Bed & Breakfast accommodates "lots of people who come time and time again”.

Further details from the interviews can be found here