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Macready - Charles Dickens mate!

2nd June 2023
Macready - Charles Dickens mate!

Macready is a universal tale of love, devotion, ambition and sacrifice - it is one of the most remarkable ever to come out of the theatre.

With passion, humour, emotion, and an array of characters, Stratford takes us on a journey through the fascinating world of Victorian theatre and the extraordinary, yet conflicted life of Macready, from his first tentative steps on stage in a tatty country theatre to his final ever performance at the mighty Drury Lane!

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And, as this year marks the 150th anniversary of Macready's death, the production also pays a timely tribute to a theatrical pioneer who did so much to influence our theatre of today.

Get to know Macready

Despite rising to become the head of his profession Macready never wanted to be an actor. Although he was born into the profession - his parents were both actors - he dreamed of becoming a barrister and a gentleman. But after his education was cut cruelly short as a result of his father’s bankruptcy, Macready was plunged into the ungentlemanly world of the stage. He became a man of many conflicts: he loved his art, especially Shakespeare, but hated his profession; in the theatre, he had a violent temper but could be the kindest of men outside it.

Quotes from Macready

“I wish I were anything rather than an actor – except a critic; let me be unhappy rather than vile!” 

"The easier an actor makes his art appear, the greater must be the pains it has cost him!"

"At Exeter I act Macbeth under slaughterous obstruction. Scenery, dresses, and properties, shabbiness itself, while only ducking or burning, I decide, can reward the witches: two of them are drunk and the third might as well be!"

"The fact is I am angry with people for being very bad actors!"

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Reviews for Macready

"Stratford’s remarkable ability to tell Macready's story and create characters brings it all to life” ★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Drama King shows us the many ups and downs of Macready’s career and it’s gripping to watch" GScene

"A very master class in how to do a one-man play...a joyous tribute to the acting profession... Stratford’s warm, engaging personality shone through each of the many characters he portrayed" (The Cambridge Critique)