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What Myra DID


Myra suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.).

Her experience of life is chaotic, disjointed, patchy and often delusional, as she battles with the various aspects of herself, seeking a core self with which she may finally connect with the world.

Sometimes a victim, or a child, sometimes reflective, at other times a highly functioning, if neurotic woman, Myra allows us a glimpse into her world. She can be poetic or cynical, introverted, psychotic, or sane and sensible as she takes us along on a rollercoaster ride through her conversations with the highly critical Arym, along with her monologues and her poignant poetry. “What Myra DID” explores the seemingly often paradoxical dark and humorous aspects to living in the grips of mental illness and the distress that so often accompanies it as we learn a little of what it is like to live inside Myra’s head.

What Myra DID is a work in progress showcase, we would welcome feedback in the comments section.

TRIGGER WARNING: themes include Child Abuse and D.I.D.

Strong Language.


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29 August, 9.15pm — 10.15pm ongoing
What Myra DID

Myra and her darker 'Other self' Arym have a complex and troubled relationship.