The Edi Johnston Bit

Ukulele/Hiphop/Musical Comedy from a Ginger Bloke setting the world to rights whilst wearing comfy shoes.


Why is Donald Trump’s hair like that?

Which series should I watch next on Netflix?

Is a Jaffa Cake actually a Biscuit?

How does a Ninja find romance at work?

The Edi Johnston Bit presents a stream that focuses on the choices and quandries in modern life that we face, from our childhoods, through to middle age and beyond.

All these crucial lifelong questions are addressed by Edi, a Ginger, Ukulele playing, Hiphop loving, tea drinking, sport following, prop wielding, comfortable shoe wearing musical comedian.

With performances influenced by Morecambe & Wise, Victoria Wood, Bill Bailey & Tim Vine, Edi has been performing Ukulele Rap Musical Comedy since 2016 around Nottingham’s Open Mic scene where he has become a popular and regular feature. He’s performed at many gigs and festivals including Splendour, Greenbelt & Wychwood and has supported performers like Scott Bennett, Ramin Karimloo, Andy Kind & Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer.

Bright & clever wordsmith-ery aligned with the catchiest of tunes with all manner of subjects makes The EJB a show that the whole family can enjoy and relate to, from kids to grandparents with joining in and online games alongside the usual daft tunes and singalong choruses.


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Live Stream

Event Dates

15 August, 7.40pm — 8.24pm ongoing

The Edi Johnston Bit at GB 2016
The Edi Johnston BitUkulele...Check.Tea....Check.Silly Songs....Check.Joining In....Check.Bring on the Live Stream!
Entertaining the crowds at Splendour Festival 2017