Kate Garrett

The Saint of Milk and Flames

The Saint of Milk and Flames crosses oceans and centuries, weaving history and myth into a personal tale of healing and becoming.

Join Kate Garrett at Ludlow Library (11:45), Castle Square (13:00), or Millennium Green (15:15), Castle Bookshop (16.15) on Saturday 15th June for enchanting performances of poetry, where everyday moments on trains, city streets, or woodland trails can be as extraordinary as any in the lives of witches, deities, and saints.

Praise for Kate's poetry and performances:

"Hearing Kate read her poems, there is no pretension... simply a truthful, matter of fact way of looking at the world, which is somehow filled with magic." - Louisa Campbell

"Kate's breadth of writing is astonishing." - David J Costello

"The Saint of Milk and Flames is a tributary, it is a hymn of reverence, it is a bloom of beautiful, stinging love." - Jeremy Johnson

"Kate Garrett’s poetry holds a silver mirror up to the face of reality, bringing forth all that is fantastic." - Amy Kinsman


Multiple Venues: 15th June 2019 - 11.45AM to 4.45PM
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Multiple Venues
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