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The Confessions of Jon-Jak Crusoe & The Unkindest Cut

Two one-act plays written by Gareth Owen.

The Confessions of Jon-Jak Crusoe Performed by Gareth Owen The hilarious struggles of a would-be genius to pen a world-shattering autobiography inspired by the Confessions of his muse, Jean Jacques Rousseau, ‘the frog scribbler’. Those struggles prove fruitless and a strange, threatening presence disquiets him even further, until Crusoe fears for his very life.

The Unkindest Cut Performed by Peter Hayter. The tribulations of an actor who, inspired by his hero, Marlon Brando, dreams of one day playing Marc Antony in Julius Caesar but is condemned to an endless series of walk-on parts. His frustrations eventually reach breaking point and compel him to extract public and bloody revenge.

'A torrent of jovial mockery'. The Sunday Times

'A brilliantly written tragi-comedy monologue'. Birmingham Mail.

'Holds the audience spellbound'. The Stage

'Gripping and brilliant'. Sy Syna, News of News York


The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 27th June 2019 - 8.30PM to 10.30PM,
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 28th June 2019 - 8.30PM to 10.30PM
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street
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