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Talking Heads by Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett's series of monologues have been entertaining audiences for nearly 30 years. Since they were first seen on BBC they have appeared on stage & radio the world over, charming audiences with Bennett's style of wit, observation and social commentary.

Local actors Peter Hayter & Sue Hawkins bring Bennett's witty and charming characters to life in this live show.

In 'A Chip in the Sugar' we meet mild, middle-aged Graham who finds life becoming complicated as his mother, with whom he still lives, reunites with an old flame.

Finally in Bennett's most poignant & funny piece, 'A Cream Cracker under the Settee', we meet Doris, aged seventy-five, who suffers a fall after trying to clear up after her considerably less thorough home help, Zulema. Alone and injured, she wonders whether the only place left for her in society is a care home. Resisting this with all her being, she decides she'd rather die on her own in considerable pain than live in a care home 'smelling of pee'.


The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 28th June 2018 - 7.30PM to 8.45PM,
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 29th June 2018 - 7.30PM to 8.45PM
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street
Tel 01584819998


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