Nicola Houghton

It's All Gravy

Stand-up Comedian, Nicola Houghton

Hilarious stand-up show from comedian, Nicola Houghton. Getting to the root of class and how it makes us tick.

A show about surviving in the world of an underfunded working class town, thanks to home knitted t-shirts, raffle prizes and treasures found in the canal. But once you’ve survived, what happens if you want a job that isn’t in the local office, shop or factory? How do you leapfrog the barriers into the professional jobs world of the middle classes and what happens when you get there?

The story of a working-class northern girl who finally broke into that world and is now living in London, trying to fight classism - whilst parenting three children...who prefer olives to gravy.

★★★★ ★ Stagedoor

"Fabulously funny."

"Laugh out loud comedy...",

"Very relatable and funny show"

“…a very funny and entertaining show”

North West End

“…pulls you into her world and pummels you with punchlines”

Humdingers Comedy

“… just like the funny best mate we’ve all got - except she’s funnier”

Riverside Radio


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Event Dates

21 August, 7.00pm — 8.00pm ongoing
It's All Gravey

Stand-up Comedian, Nicola Houghton