Comedy at the Brewery

Nick Helm & Paul F. Taylor

Comedy at the Brewery present: Nick Helm & Paul F Taylor

Nick Helm: Phoenix From The Flames

Holy f*ck! After 6 years away from Edinburgh and ahead of his National Tour, Helm is back at the fucking Fringe with a full Edinburgh run of his new show to remind the world what they’ve been missing out on. Resurrected from the ashes, come and witness two time Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee and International Treasure In Waiting shaking his ass, singing songs and righting wrongs. You don’t deserve this...

'The man is brutal, but by AC/DC he's talented with it.' The latest ★★★★★

‘Pretty f*cking amazing. A true comedy daredevil’ Time Out ★★★★

Paul F Taylor – Odd Paul

Disappear down the rabbit hole of a fool’s mind. Marvel at imaginative, logic defying, leftfield ideas spoken from a mouth!

“An enticing, dizzying prospect”

The Independent

“A welter of daft, Harry Hill-like ideas” Chortle

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Ludlow Brewery: 25th June 2019 - 7.30PM to 11.00PM
Ludlow Brewery
The Railway Shed


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