Phillip Northfield


Bigger, Balder, Better. Returning oddball Phillip Northfield brings his one man show (Mind-Reader?) back to the Ludlow Fringe, with a few new surprises for 2019!

An evening of entertainment, mystery and laughter for those who seek it, with manipulation and mind reading aplenty! - Phil’s past shows have seen him predict human behaviour, reveal PIN codes, and influence seemingly impossible choices.

Phillip Northfield will be returning to the Ludlow Fringe on the 22nd of June, at The Sitting Room, Blue Boar.

Watch as minds are read, blue and sometimes green; he puts his money where his mouth is in a battle of wits and attempts to redefine how predictable we all truly are in a finale that will leave you scratching your head for weeks.

For a unique fringe show experience; unlike anything else you’ll see this year, come see PHILLIP NORTHFIELD – ‘MIND READER?’ this Ludlow Fringe.

Not suitable for under 15’s.

(Informal close-up magic in the bar after the show)


The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 22nd June 2019 - 7.00PM to 8.15PM
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street
Tel 07773578532


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