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Mark Thomas : The Manifesto

Mark Thomas : The Manifesto

The Manifesto returns! This is the show where the audience get to make the policies of the future, Mark Thomas (for it is he) collects audience suggestions to make the world a better place, create Heaven on earth or just annoy the neighbours, discusses and debates them and the audience get to vote on the policy they feel best represents them, to create a manifesto.

Mark takes to the road to Ludlow to find out what people want in his own inimitable style, debating ideas and mucking about, looking for laughs and the occasional glimmer of sanity.

Past policies voted for by the audience include: Invade Jersey and shut down tax havens, there should be a gamble button on all ATM machines and anyone found guilty of a homophobic hate crime should serve their entire sentence in drag. Who knows what will emerge this time round?


Ludlow Brewery: 26th June 2019 - 7.30PM to 10.30PM
Ludlow Brewery
The Railway Shed


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