Rob Gee

Kevin, King of Egypt

Escaped psychiatric patient Kevin Haggerty is not pleased about his diagnosis, even less pleased about being on a section of the Mental Health Act, and distinctly upset about being told he is not the reincarnation of the pharaoh Ramses II. On his way to Egypt, via the Tesco Express, he stumbles across the nemesis to all his plans: Millie – a lost six-year-old. Together they embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever.

★★★★★ “Uproarious!” London Pub Theatres.

★★★★½ “A moving, funny, deeply human show” Victoria Times.

★★★★ “Hilarious... bound to simultaneously break hearts and lift spirits” Vue Weekly, Alberta

“Larger than life, brilliantly portrayed and a great experience. Highly recommended” The Clothesline, Adelaide

“Delightful… the kind of Fringe performer you pray you’ll discover” Orlando Sentinel

Best Solo Comedy - Orlando Fringe

Best Solo Show - Victoria Fringe

Critic’s Pick - Winnipeg Fringe

Best Comedy – Swindon Fringe

From creator of Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit.


The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 25th June 2019 - 7.00PM to 8.00PM
£12, £10 concessions
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street


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