Dan Webber

Genre Fluid - Quarantine Edition


The stand-up poet, reluctant bear and attempted vegan ... strips away labels of life, love, the arts and the LGBTQ+ community in this fast-paced, honest and hilarious debut.

Under constant pressure from marketing people to decide whether he is a comic or poet, Dan navigates through the confusing world of definitions.

"When faced with material as witty, earnest, and well-observed as this, the last thing that should concern us is which box it goes in.” - Out In Print

“His words are a ride, gliding through intimate storytelling before surging into an eddy of intricate rhymes designed to trip your mind” - Marbles Magazine

"Sentimental musings on self, mental health, masculinity, appearance, and place, all delivered with a playful and occasionally giddy appeal." - Left Lion Magazine

Not quite a comedy show, not quite a poetry show, Genre Fluid (Quarantine Edition) was commissioned by Coventry Pride 2020 in association with Fancy Entertainment.


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Event Dates

22 August, 9.00pm — 9.49pm ongoing
Dan Webber - Genre Fluid - Quarantine Edition