Carl John

The Psychic Cabaret

“All that we see or seem, is nothing more than a dream in a dream". E. A. Poe

Carl John Is not a normal person. He believes that he can read your mind and after meeting him you will too!

He does not use psychological tricks, word games, or camera tricks.

Carl John’s new show “The Psychic Cabaret” takes Mind Reading, Mentalism and Telepathy to a whole new level, in fact he probably knows more about you than you do yourself!

He can see your past, your present and possibly even your future.

Carl John’s abilities allow him to know things like:-

Who you have been thinking about!

What super power you would like!

Where you would like to visit ... even if it’s not a real place!

What you are going to do next!

What was your favourite toy as a child and how old you were when you had it!

It’s impossible, but he does it anyway.

Some people may get a little spooked by the show but the end goal is that you will have a good time and you will see and experience things that you have never, ever seen, or experienced, before!

Be seeing you!


The Charlton Arms: 29th June 2018 - 7.30PM to 9.15PM
The Charlton Arms
Ludford Bridge
Tel 07779507309


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