Camilla Cancantata

Cabaret for the Anthropocene

Cabaret beetle

It’s not so safe to be at the top of the tree! What does it mean to be an apex predator, not by virtue of physical strength or speed but because of our remarkable ability to develop tools and technologies that compensate for our limitations?

We have domesticated, exploited and enslaved some creatures, and chosen others to be pets and companions. We have destroyed landscapes and their former inhabitants, sometimes through clumsiness or ignorance, sometimes deliberately...and only now are we beginning to realise the extent of the devastation we have wreaked and its terrifying implications. Those who make least impact on the earth suffer most greatly from the heavier tread of others.

It’s time to re-wild ourselves! All that shopping, plastic and’s trapping us though it was meant to make us free.

Cabaret for the Anthropocene explores the current human predicament through music, words, and sounds from the natural world, searching for the wildness within us, and trying to see life from the point of view of arthropods and other creatures who are often regarded less highly than mammals.

Can we create new relationships and ways of being, and rescue ourselves and Earth’s other inhabitants from dissolution and destruction?


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22 August, 6.00pm — 7.00pm
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Cabaret beetle
Cabaret beetle
camilla cancantata