Shropshire Blues Club

Blue Moon


The Shropshire Blues Club, which runs from Ludlow Brewery on a bi-monthly basis was started several years ago by Maurice Arnold (MOZ).

Sadly, MOZ passed away recently but the Club carries on with support of volunteers and house band Blue Moon. The regular gigs that take place throughout the year attract a wide range of professional blues artists and their followers, with some of the proceeds going to support local cancer charities and good causes.

Currently the club is unable to operate due to the corona virus restrictions. However, it is hoped to be running again soon, either in a virtual capacity or live with limited numbers. In the meantime, Blue Moon and friends are pleased to be able to contribute to this year’s Fringe with a short pre-recorded video in memory of MOZ and all the hard work he did in establishing the club.

Nick Hurt - Guitar / vocals / keyboard / harmonica

Tim Holloway - Guitar / vocals

Mal Wragg - Drums / vocals

Mal Salisbury - Bass / vocals

Gersom Engels - Sax / Keyboard

Marina Ibrahim – Congas George Adams - Sound




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Event Dates

28 August, 5.00pm — 5.17pm ongoing
Shropshire Blues Club