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Andy Quirks Parodys from the Peak Districk

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Andy Quirk’s Parodies from the Peak District

Two years ago Andy got married, gave up his day job and moved from the bustle of London to the relative calm of Glossop on the edge of the Peak District. He then turned 40 and has been adapting to the north, and his impending mid-life crisis, ever since. However, instead of buying a sports car and taking up bungee jumping he's written a show of subtitled sing-a-long musical parodies dealing with everything from late night retail excursions to unexpected incidents in farmers' fields. The show also includes the bonus track, “Dominic Cummings’ 500 Miles”, which went viral during lockdown with over 77,000 views on Youtube.

Winner of Best Musical Comedy at the 2020 Morecambe Fringe Festival.


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15 August, 7.00pm — 7.33pm ongoing
Parodies from the Peak District

Andy Quirk Montage Picture