Alex De Koning

An Attempt at being Memorable

What do you think makes something memorable? Alex De Koning is a magician who aims to answer this question by doing as many magic tricks as he can in the most silly, unusual or impressive way in an attempt to be remembered. This involves doing tricks from every discipline of magic including tricks involving invisible cards, toilet paper, fire, Rubix cubes, oranges and rings (but not all at the same time, unfortunately). Other methods to try to make this overly ambitious show memorable is to offer striking souvenirs, show a wide range of illusions, perform some of the effects under lie detection and to make it as interactive as possible so that most people can hopefully be involved in the show in one way or another. Some of the effects to be shown include a cup and balls routine with one cup and one ball, predicting the only card someone did not pick and, instead of simply changing the water into wine, making the glass and wine appear. This show is set to be a bit different and, hopefully, quite comedic too so please come and join if you can. This show is suitable for everyone above the age of 12. Contains occasional strong language.


The Sitting Room - Blue Boar: 18th June 2019 - 9.00PM to 10.30PM
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street
Tel 07730486985


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