Alf Jenkins MBE

Local History Lectures

Alf Jenkins MBE is a Shropshire ‘Lad’, born on the Titterstone Clee Hills in the 1930s. His home was Dhu Stone Inn situated near and built for miners, railway and stone quarry workers.

His father was an undertaker, wheelwright, smallholder and publican. The area was a remote, hive of industry with its own brand of farming and dialect.

At the age of eleven Alf travelled the great distance of five miles each day to the foreign land of Ludlow and its Grammar School. Army life, teacher training and work in Birmingham followed before he returned to Ludlow to teach in the 1960s.

Those interim years saw Clee Hill dialect diluted, two quarries close and the Dhu Stone incline became obsolete. There was a population influx and considerable commuting to work. Clee Hill life changed beyond all recognition, giving much urgency for Alf’s books and DVDs to be produced. What was written for local people has, due to detail of dialect, industrial history, crafts, stone quarrying, rural life, quarry railways and coalmining acquired not only national but international appeal.

Enjoy a little nostalgia from his lectures and tours at the Ludlow Fringe Festival about this unique area and encapsulate Alf’s infectious enthusiasm for the area.


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