1 Castle Exhibition Space

Castle House, Castle Square

Thelma Ayre   

Open: Everyday 10.00am to 5.00pm 


2 Ludlow Assembly Rooms

1 Mill Street   

Open: Mon to Sat 10.00am to 8.00pm

Atrium Gallery: Val Turner, Sue Kelsall, Genaro Martinez Medina, Laura Wilson, Mary Lowenthal, Maggie Davis

Level 5 Gallery:

For opening times and artists see:


3 Pepper House Studio

Pepper Lane 

Andy Nash 

Mon to Sun 
9:00am - 17:00pm


4 The Potters Shop

7 Church Street

40 Years in Ludlow. 
Martin Homer & Benedict Homer 

Open: Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 10.00am - 5.00pm


5 St Laurence's Church

College Street

Artist in Residence: Teresa Albor http://veryfayre.moonfruit.com/

"A residency in a living church is an exceptional opportunity.   

I will be making a series of small installations and intimate performances/sound pieces focusing on aspects of the physical site as well as histories and associations inherent in a place of worship. 

The nature of a residency is that it unfolds over time, on site. 

• Look for a hand out at access points to the church- this will describe and help you find the installations. 

• There will be a new piece for visitors to experience every day or two. Previous pieces, if appropriate, will stay in place, so that by day 14, there will be a “trail” of small pieces throughout the church.

 • Check this website  http://veryfayre.moonfruit.com/ for constantly updated documentation"

Teresa Albor - Artist-in-residence - St.Laurence Church

5th Plinth Installation: Matt Smart, Lisa Lochhead, Tamsin Bridges, James Hurdwell, Anna Kippax and Brontë Woodruff

Open: Sun to Fri 10.00am - 10.00pm 


6 Garlands 

Corve st