The Danish Bloke
Thursday 30th June

The Danish Bloke

or Hamlet on the Cheap in 30 minutes!                                              

The Longest Running Dross in Ludlow! The 32nd Year of Bardic demolition!

The Old Dic Theatre Company was formed in 1981 as a vehicle for talentless people to put on bad plays for other people who have nothing better to do in their spare time.  Every year since 1985 The Old Dic has performed an abridged version of a Shakespeare play in a style that actress Haydn Gwynn described as “Bardic Demolition”. 

So the Bardic demolition goes on, and on, and on….. - this year’s “The Danish Bloke” will feature more instantly forgettable performances that will have the Stratford Wizard turning in his grave.(well most of him)

Thursday 30th June – 8.00 pm , The Sitting Room, Blue Boar

Friday 1st July – 8.00 pm  The Chang Thai Garden

Saturday 2nd July –  1.00 pm The Chang Thai Garden

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Event Time
8:00 pm
Event Location
The Sitting Room - Blue Boar
52 Mill Street
Event Genre
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